JingMai:Build Delicacy Service
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Service Tenet

1. Service in the Open Platform (include ISV), to provide high performance and stable interface, build the Delicacy Service.

2. Service in the Vender, to build high-quality security boutique Application Plug-in.

3. Service in the Products and Operations, to provide real-time comprehensive data analysis and statistics, to build the Data Operation.

4. Service in the Test and Maintenance, to provide convenient and efficient Test Platform and Maintenance Tools.

Service Mission

1. Service in the Open Platform

Platform transformation, from zero to one.

Gateway architecture upgrade, 20 million of the day request to reach the scale of 100 million per day. (QPS > 5000, TP999 < 100ms)

Data tracking and statistical system upgrade, support the scale of 100 million per day.

JingMai Gateway Introduction:

Based on configuration generate Gateway API, docking all service groups of POP, service to Client, Plug-in and Kepler.

Major Contribution:

- Defined Gateway Protocol & Build Configuration Service API

- Based on Zookeeper to build Register Center of Gateway

- Custom Error Code & Exception Monitoring Alarm

2. Service in the Vender

Build high-quality plug-in, leading businesses operating changes in the mobile terminal.

Major Contribution:

- Optimize the page loading time. (First screen time < 5s)

- Based on the local Html5 plug-in, to achieve the client and plug-in decoupling.

- Defined component interoperability protocol, through the JS SDK implementation.

3. Service in the Products and Operation

Up to Down, based on the Big Data to realize the Whole Process Tracking & Data Statistics

Major Contribution:

- Use JMQ and Elastic Search instead of Redis and Mongo.

- Design the storage structures of HBase and Data Market, to extract data by incremental.

4. Service in the Test and Maintenance

Support the Visual and Auto Test Platform and Tools.

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